"The three performers are completely committed to their performance and are obviously doing what they love. They know how to rock, and they know how to move a crowd."

-Quote by The Progress News 

"There are people who, no matter what mood you’re in, always make you smile. Paul and Linda Villanueva are two such people. While they may play the blues, they give you quite the opposite. The Villanuevas are warm, positive, upbeat and real friends to the community."

-Quote by Mesquite Today

"The local big music headliner, Mesquite Cafe Blues Band . . . started rocking out on that stage, the temperature rose and so did the band! They were hooting and hollering and had that place rocking!"

-Quote by Virgin River Times

 "The Mesquite Café Blues Band . . . has become one of the biggest (if not the biggest) local performance bands in the last year, providing music of the blues, soul, and rock ‘n’ roll genres." 

-Quote by Virgin River Times

"Every time band members said, 'last song' someone in the audience called out for 'two more' and they obliged."

-Quote by The Progress News

"The Mesquite Café Blues Band rocked the house, had folks dancing in the plaza and in their chairs. Toes were tapping and the crowd was smiling."

-Quote by Mesquite Today

 “The Mesquite Cafe Blues draw a sizable audience and plan to offer their latest CD for sale with proceeds going to the charity supporting."

-Quote by Mesquite Local News

We thank the Mesquite Cafe Blues Band for generously donating their music for a worthy cause.  Visit their website and facebook page to learn more about this popular fun-loving, talented band.

-Quote by Nevada Arts Council

"The local band did a great set lasting 2 hours and Linda with the red gloves on had the crowd dancing to “Proud Mary” and other great hits plus some of their original songs."

-Quote by Virgin River Times

"The ladies had a great time dancing to the always invigorating Mesquite Blues Café band."

-Quote by The Progress News

"The ever-popular Mesquite Cafe Blues Band (MCBB) . . .  had a good audience . . . getting up and showing off some great dance moves."

-Quote by Mesquite Today

Linda and Paul Villanueva

Linda and Paul Villanueva

Band BIO

"Our goal is for people to feel happy and festive through our performance.  We are performing artists, both in music and presentation. We create a fun atmosphere when performing live."

In May 2021, the Mesquite Café Blues Band began performing for public audiences.  Their brand of electric blues music coupled with their infectious energy quickly made them one of Mesquite’s favorite performing artists.  

 Eight months later, the band ended 2021 with 12 public performances.  This year in 2022, the band has entertained at 11 public events with many more future shows still ahead.  The local Media has written over 23 articles relating to their enthusiastic artistry.  

They recently entertained audiences at the Clark County Nevada Fair and Rodeo, the Utah Peach Days Festival, Mesquite Days Festival,  and the 55+ EXPO  held at the Virgin River Casino. 

They also love doing shows for Mesquite’s Non-Profit Charitable Organizations like the Virgin Valley Artists Association, the Rotary Clubs of Mesquite, the Mesquite Women’s History and Culture Center, the Mesquite Library, the Kids for Sports Foundation, Cocktails for the Cure, and the Mesquite Toes Dance Troupe.  

 They have recorded and produced four  CDs available on digital streaming and retail sites.  Their music can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, iHeart Radio, Pandora, YouTube, and many more online music sites under the name “Mesquite Cafe.” 

Performance Videos

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